Collection: Adaptiband Headbands for Natural Hair - Adjust 15 to 30 inches Non Slip Head Bands - Perfect Headband for Natural Hair Adjust To Fit 4C, Curly Hair, Locs, Sisterlocks, Afro Hairstyles

🔄 Custom Fit and Comfort

We take pride in offering headbands that fit like they were custom-made for you. Our headbands are adjustable, with a range of 15 to 30 inches, ensuring a perfect fit for every head size.

✨ Quality and Design

Handmade with spandex bands, our headbands adapt to the contours of your head. This design ensures they stay securely in place without causing any discomfort. Enjoy the perfect combination of

🌟 Inspiration and Creation

Our headbands were invented in the USA and designed by Nassimbwa, an African American woman. She was tired of cutting up pantyhose and using shoelaces for her hair texture. The headbands available in stores just didn’t work for her—they either didn’t fit right or gave her headaches. So, she decided to make her own.

Care Instructions

Headbands are machine washable and dryer safe. Wash your headband to keep it clean and fresh.


Headbands are made of soft, stretchy yet strong material with a nylon/spandex fabric. They're gentle on your hair texture and your head but strong enough to last a lifetime.