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Pretty in Pink Braided Beaded Necklace

Pretty in Pink Braided Beaded Necklace

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Imagine this stunning handmade pink braided necklace sitting elegantly around your neck. Featuring vibrant pink glass beads, this necklace symbolizes love, compassion, and femininity. The intricate braided design adds a unique and sophisticated touch to this necklace. Each strand of pink beads is carefully woven together, creating a textured and elegant piece that enhances any outfit. You will look good and feel good too because you support a community where jobs are scarce.

SELF-CARE REMINDER Let this stunning necklace be your stylish reminder to embrace joy and compassion daily. Just as the vibrant pink color represents love and kindness, let the intricate design of this necklace inspire you to nurture these qualities within yourself.

This is for you if you want to:

Boost your Confidence

Enhance your Outfit

Support a Community 


  • Pretty in Pink Necklaces are lighter than they look, weighing about 0.60lb, Height 2inch & Width 15inch  


Each item is handmade and colors may vary slightly between pieces. The item in the photo may not be the exact piece you receive. Colors may vary between screens and computers. 

  • Your jewelry is handmade in Uganda, Kampala by women entrepreneurs and imported here to the US for you to experience the beautiful artistry. 
  • Your jewelry features African glass beads, meticulously crafted to capture and reflect light in mesmerizing ways.
  • Your jewelry is waterproof, made from high-quality glass beads and threads, these threads provide durability and longevity. 
  • Your metal components and findings are skin-loving, hypoallergenic. 
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